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Our general plastering services cover both internal and external projects to meet your specification.

Plastering in Lancashire

Plastering: All aspects of internal and external plastering. Internally there are 2 main systems for plastering onto block brick walls etc…

1st is the hardwall system which is a two coat application. The plaster made by British gypsum has been formulated to suit a variety of backgrounds and can be used in all types of buildings from new build to refurbishment.

2nd is a more traditional but less frequently used method of sand and cement backing coat. This method can also be used on the same backgrounds, but can provide a waterproof barrier.

Dry Lining: 1st system is the dot and dab system which is an effective way of providing a finishe

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      d surface to brick block concrete walls etc…

      The plasterboard sheets are bonded to the wall using adhesive dabs on the wall surface. The joints can be then taped and jointed or complete walls can be skimmed providing a good finish ready for decoration.

      Our general plastering services in Lancashire cover:


      • Partitions walls in stud or metal.
      • Metal ceilings
      • Plasterboard fixing and insulation
      • Plasterboard sticking ( dot & dab )
      • Sand and cement Rend water proof
      • Float & Set (first coat bonding and two coats of skim
      • Skimming (two coats of skim on old walls or plasterboard)
      • Screeding Floors


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