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Roof Refurbishment - Moss Cleaning & Recoating

Red Rose Services offers a roof cleaning service which restores the durability & water-proofness of your Park Home, making it look as good as new.

Park Home Moss Cleaning & Recoating

Red Rose Services only offer stipple textured coatings & flexible theroplastic weatherproof roof coatings!
Don't be fooled by others using normal masonry paint...

Red Rose Services offers a park home roof cleaning servicewhich removes virtually all moss, algae and lichen. It then re-seals with a moss guard that is locked in by a clear coat silicone sealant which prevents the moss, algae and lichen re-growing on your roof and eating away at the newly recoated tiles. This makes sure that your park home tiles do not reach the unnecessary expense of needing a new roof.

This is a cost effective service Saving £££!! as you know your roof is your main asset to your Park Home.

The process includes:

  • Cleaning the roof with a specially designed machine that is 70% air and 30% water this ensures removal of all moss, algae and lichen without damaging your tiles
  • Whilst cleaning your roof we clean all gutters, down pipes, windows, doors and walls enhancing the look of your Park Home
  • We then seal the roof with a moss guard (ROOFPROOF), applying the coating all over the roof surface ensuring the moss, algae and lichen is killed.
  • We then spray the total roof with a clear coat silicon sealant that locks the moss guard protective coating in preventing the moss, algae and lichen from returning.

Red Rose Services can also offer an acrylic coating to extend the life of your roof. Your roof is the main asset of your Park Home, it is made of steel and as you know, steel can rust if exposed to the weather. Moss, algae and lichen can eat away at the acrylic textured surface of the tile exposing the raw steel and will eventually rot and rust and can cause damage to the timber framework and felt.

We can clean your roof removing all debris and re-coat with an acrylic coating in various colours.

A cost effective service Saving £££!!

So why not give us a call today for a FREE QUOTEon 01524 68438, for fast, helpful and friendly advice from qualified workers. Don't forget, we offer a 10 Year Warranty as Standard!